Aruino Nano RP2040 & WiFiSSLClient?


I have a Arduino Nano RP2040 and I want to connect to a rest service via HTTPS.

As far as I understand this is not possible with the WiFiClient form the WiFiNINA.h library. But there is also a client called WiFiSSLClient.

I found this example code:

But it does not work in my case. The connection failed (I do not see any log messages indicating why)

The only possible issue may be that the code recommend the WiFi firmware Version 1.4.8 but my Nano RP2040 has the firmware 1.4.5.
Can this be the problem? I can't update the version because version 1.4.5 seems to be the latest?

Can someone help me in this situation?

Thanks in advance


I figured out, that the following example using the connectSSL() method is working:

But it will not work if I connect to my own sever.

Can this be a certificate issue? My server ( is using certificates form Let's Encrypt .

The missing point was, that for outgoing SSL connections based on the NINA Wifi Library you need to upload the servers root SSL Certificates. This can be done with the WifiNina Firmware/Certificate updater tool:

If you don't do this before, a connection will fail.

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