Aruino UnO connected to SM sensor

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I have a question, I use The MS-10 of soil moisture sensor, The Blue and Grey pins give us a current value ( i measure it by multimeter).

I'm wondering if i can read this value with Arduino UNO, and how to do it.

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Do you mean 4-20mA current loop? If so, Google "arduino read 4-20mA". That is a question that comes up regularly,here.

By the label in the picture of your device, it gives a 0-2 volt output. What device do you really have?

Which ones are the blue and grey pins the OP is referring to?

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The specs do not show a grey wire, can you please post a picture of YOUR sensor?

Moisture reading will be between BROWN and BLACK.
Temperature reading will be between BLUE and BLACK.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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