Arundio GSM with MySQL database

Hello. I'm intersted in buying an arundio with a GSM module for a specific project. I have a MySQL database that is updated frecvently. I want to read the database from the server and send specific SMS messages with arundio to specific phone numbers. I also want , if possible, the database to be updated from recevied SMS. I know how to do the programming part but I want to be sure of Arundio is capable to do this stuff. I just want to know if there is any limitation. I can read the database from MySQL from a C++ program but I dont if its posible to send the data from the program to arundio so it can send SMS to specific numbers.

If the Arduino etc. can be plugged into the computer that is running the C++ program, then yeah it can work easily. Simply send the data to the Arduino over the serial port it is plugged into. It can also work the other way, with the Arduino sending serial data to the C++ program so you can update the database with the received text messages.

Alternative is to make a webserver Apache with PHP. Arduino can talk HTTP get over ethernet. With the webserver it is relative easy to make statistics pages etc. too.

my 2 cents, Rob