as3Glue Socket Connection issues

Trying to connect to the Arduino through as3Glue and I'm receiving a Socket Connected trace, but no event listener is firing with the incoming data. I've been looking through Erik Sjodin's blog and found a note regarding the config file, but I'm unsure what to set the port to:

Q. I get a “Socket connected” message but no onReceiveFirmwareVersion event. A. Make sure that you are using the right port and that it's set up correctly in the serial proxy config file.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Thanks!

Solved, in case anyone else has the same issue check the baud and port settings. Baud should match the proxy settings, and port should match the COM port the USB is registered to.

I’m also trying to get asglue working …
I use the for starters ( with the Pd_firmware.pde loaded on the board ). I’m using identical baud settings, so that can’t be the problem.

This is what Flash traces :

Socket connected!
Firmware version: 1
Port: 5331
Firmware version is: 1
Analog pin 3 is: 0
Digital pin 4 is: 0

When I connect a led ( pin 13 ) or potmeter to the pins mentioned in the code, nothing happens although in the Flash-code pinmode for pin 13 is set to high …

// set a pin to output
a.setPinMode(13, Arduino.OUTPUT);

// set a pin to high
a.writeDigitalPin(13, Arduino.HIGH);

Have you been able to get anything in or out the board using asglue ?


I get the exact same thing. I can get messages with the AS2 examples listed on the Interfacing page, but nothing in Glue. Just wrapping my head around the code now, I don't think the issue is with the firmware or the XMLSocket. I think its in the event handling.

I haven't had any luck with analog, the pwm pins, or any digital connection. The pins always report 0.

I wish I could help, but I think we're in the same boat.

I'll try a few mods on the code too, but if it doesn't work I'll try to contact the programmer of asglue.

Will keep you posted if there's any progress !


I have to admit, he's pretty responsive for being on vacation till the end of January and all. :)

I too have the same problem. Using and Pd_firmware.pde, I am just able to connect to Arduino board. Nothing happens after that.

I tried setting and changing the state of other pins to 1, but when I read, the pin state is always 0. Also tried reducing the baud rate in serproxy and pd_firmware.pde.

Was anyone able to get as3glue working?