AS5145 Encoder with Arduino Uno 3.

I am a newbie. I have Arduino Uno 3. I want to connect AS5145 encoder with Uno 3. It has 16 pins. I want to know how to connect it. :cold_sweat:

If someone has code\programming in English for AS5145 and Uno 3 then please help me. :grin:

No Replies ? ? ? =( :~ :roll_eyes: :astonished: :fearful: I attached the datasheet. Please tell me which pins go where in Uno 3. Please.

AS5145B-HSSU.pdf (695 KB)

Ok after long time someone from other forum told me pin connections.

AS5145 Pin Uno pin Name
10 13 SCLK
11 10 SS
9 12 DO

Now what about pins 1;2 ; 3;4;6 ? How I connect them on Uno 3 ?

You might not need to. Do you need any of the functions they provide?

I want to get the position/angle of DC Motor. Other pins of as5145 required now ?