AS5600 Programmable Contactless Potentiometer help configureing.

I have the AS5600 magnet on the spindle of an axle. The sensor is positioned and I'm getting readings.

I'm using the Seeed-studio library. (GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_AS5600: The library comes with AS5600. Through this library, we can realize read the angles 、get magnetic from a magnet underneath the sensor.).

Here is the interface with the FullFunction example sketch.

AS5600 Serial Interface Program

Raw angle = 305.9790000000

1 - Set start position | 6 - get end position
2 - Set end position | 7 - get raw angle
3 - Set max angle range | 8 - get scaled angle
4 - Get max angle range | 9 - detect magnet
5 - Get start position | 10 - get magnet strength

Number of burns remaining: 3
96 - Burn Angle
98 - Burn Settings (one time)

I can do #1 and #2 with success as well as 8 get scaled angle. When I try to do 96 (Burn Angle) I get the error msg;

"Burn angle error"

Has someone successfully used this and be willing to tell me what I'm doing wrong?