ASCII to Number

I am using LiveCode to work with the Arduino Uno which has an LED attached and LC is sending ascii characters to the arduino which is looking for a number. I send 125 and it is reading: 1 2 5 Not 125.

How do I parse that together again? Or how do I send what the Arduino is looking for to get a 0 -255 for an Analog LED ?

Some simple code you can try for capturing your number string and converting to a number.

// zoomkat 8-6-10 serial I/O string test
// type a string in serial monitor. then send or enter
// for IDE 0019 and later

String readString;

void setup() {
        Serial.println("serial test 0021"); // so I can keep track of what is loaded

void loop() {

        while (Serial.available()) {
      if (Serial.available() >0) {
        char c =;
        readString += c;}
      if (readString.length() >0) {
    int n;
    char carray[6]; //converting string to number
    readString.toCharArray(carray, sizeof(carray));
    n = atoi(carray); 
    Serial.println(n); // print number