ask about testing ELM327 CAN2-Bluetooth module WITHOUT Motronic...

Hi, Guys!

I’m a LADA VAZ 21925 Kalina2 user, where is installed a BOSCH 21126-1411020-60 type MOTRONIC controller. I installed to the CAN slot an ELM327 interface module, with BT connection.

I use an Android APP to check RPM, throttle position, temperatures, etc., but I’d like to make an ARDUINO unit, to display continously the selected parameters - for example I’m very interested in about FUEL LEVEL…

I have a WavGat Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 controller with LCD module. I’ve found same CAN .ino-s, but I’,m afraid, that if I upload a wrong code to the MOTRONIC, it will go wrong…

Please inform me, how can I test ALONE the ELM327 module using MEGA2560 & HC05 / HC06 bluetooth interfaces (unconnected to the car’s CAN slot, only with external power supply)?

Thanks: rcph

lada vezérlő 1.JPG

lada vezérlő 2.JPG

I would suggest you ditch the bluetooth module and get yourself a CAN module for your MEGA and connect directly to the OBD port.

something like this maybe:

also you could use an OBD library like this one (GitHub - sandeepmistry/arduino-OBD2: An Arduino library for reading OBD-II data from your car over CAN bus) to read the open data from your controller (not tried this library personally). there are also other similar libs if you google for it.

Hello, Sherzaad!

Thank You very much the fast reply! My problem is that the CAN port is near leg space of the passenger (right down), but I'd like to install the display unit up to the steering wheel (left up).

I couldn't find suitable route to the connection cable bewteen CAN port and Arduino...

Have You got any idea?