(ask)accelerometer up to 20G?

i want to buy a accelerometer that can be work in high G (about up to 20G). what kind of accelerometer it this??

What is the lower range? What is the accuracy you need? Waht is the precission? (#digits)

Professional - http://www.directindustry.com/industrial-manufacturer/accelerometer-62014.html - ??? Or - http://www.sherbornesensors.com/dyn/datasheets/datasheeta640-issue5.pdf -

1g  The acceleration exerted by the Earth’s gravity on an object or person (for example, a cell phone on a desk experiences 1 g of acceleration).
0-2g    The acceleration range experienced by a person when walking.
10-50g  The acceleration experienced by an automobile in a typical crash.
100-2,000g  The acceleration experienced by a laptop if it is dropped from a height of three feet onto a concrete floor.
50,000g     The acceleration experienced by a munition when shot from a cannon.

i want an accelerometer like MMA3201, but it has 3 axis. this datasheet of MMA3201 http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/188041/FREESCALE/MMA3201.html

Is 16g enough? Then you could use the BMA180 or ADXL345. Both can be setup to sense up to 16g.

i want an accelerometer like MMA3201, but it has 3 axis.

just use one and ignore the other 2? At least you can start building/testing?