ask for advice Datalogger 8 analog inputs 16-bit

hello I am inexperienced I would like to build Datalogger 8 analog inputs with 16-bit Arduino, I would like to put a lcd, that logs data from analog sensors on the memory card sd. What product do you recommend to do this?

Do you mean you need 16 bit analog resolution ?

Start here:-

Many Tanks

You should be 16-bit analog or 12 bits with low frequency acquisition 0-10 volts or 0-5 volt

Without extra hardware you can only do 12 bits on a Due. Anything else will need and external A/D. Something like this:-

you need to use devide and stuff ,, you can do logging 24 bit if you want ,, you need to calculate small example i use

you can use eprom mem also ,

int analoginpin1 =0; int mem1 =0; int mem1store =1;

analoginpin1= analogRead(A0) /4; devides the analog 0-1024 to 0-255 then you can store this as a 8 bit EEPROM.write(mem1store,analogpin1); here it writes to the eprom channel 1 .,

mem1 *4); and this wil return it from eprom channel 1 8bit and wil store it in mem1 as 10 bit

can also use EEPROM.write(mem1store,analogRead(A0) /4); EEPROM.write(mem2store,analogRead(A1) /4); EEPROM.write(mem3store,analogRead(A2) /4); EEPROM.write(mem4store,analogRead(A3) /4);

and for reading the channels , mem1 *4); mem2 *4); mem3 *4); mem4 *4);

this is nice if you need to compare things in later stage ,, :grin:

you need to divide things and use the calculator ,,lol