Ask for help designing an active bandpass filter

Recently I was learning about filters, and I also read a lot of articles about filters on the Internet, but now I have a question I would like to ask you.
Ask for help designing an active bandpass filter.

  1. Design a second-order bandpass filter using an op amp
    2, the operation uses +-10V DC power supply voltage
    3, bandpass filter center frequency 1khz, bandwidth 1khz, gain Av=2
    Available devices:
    Op amp miuA741×1
    Eight-legged chip socket × 1
    10k resistance × 2
    1k resistance × 2
    0.1 micro F capacitor × 2
    1 micro F capacitor × 1
    10k potentiometer × 2
    Diode × 2
    Zener diode 5.1V×2
    Thank you all.

That link isn't going to help you. They look like LC filters, to work in GHz range. They don't use op amps, or power supplies.

There are lots of resources online (including sample schematics) if you search for something like "second order active bandpass filter".

Try this

1kHz center with 1kHz width sounds more like a low-pass filter with a roll-off at 2kHz.

If there is an Arduino involved, just do the filter digitally. Put a simple analog filter in front to ensure there is no frequency higher than half your sample frequency and then do the detailed filtering in software.

Go to to design the digital filter. It writes C code which can be easily pasted into Arduino.

No, it sounds like a bandpass filter with band edges 0.5 and 1.5kHz...