Asking for help - handicapped

Hi everyone. I started a small Arduino project about two years ago but before I could finish I had a stroke. I had to take a year off and about this time last year I tried to get back into my project. I had to learn all over again. But with limited thinking capability. During my "comeback" efforts I suffered another brain complication and had to stop again. Well, here it is another year later and I plan to start over again.

Is there any of you out there who would be willing to guide me through my project? I want to control a DC motor to run CW at a designated time of day and CCW at another designated time of day. The duration of the run times must be controlled by either limit switches or by location sensor(s). That's it in a nutshell. I have all of my previous efforts notes, sketches, and equipment lists I can share with you.

Watcha think? Thanks.

Basically you need an Arduino with a real time clock to keep time, an H-bridge to run a motor forwards and backwards. A couple of limit switches and/or your location sensors.

What are your location sensors?
What work does the motor need to do as this will determine how big the motor/h-bridge needs to be.
How long will it be running for in each direction and how fast? Does it need gearing to slow it down or increase it's lifting capacity

That sounds entirely feasible. You will need some way to work out the time of day and you have several options for that - an RTC module would be the easiest.

If you want somebody to help you with the project (rather than just give advice about problem solving) then the Gigs & Collaborations section would be the best place to ask for help. Most people would usually expect to be paid for working for you, but when it's in a good cause as this seems to be I think you will find plenty of people willing to help.