assembled and tested power card


Can someone recommend to me a board which in the power side can be attached to 220V resistiv loads and in the control side to an Arduino board?

Thanks in advance or your time


"power side can be attached to 220V resistiv loads " such as a heating element? How many amps of current are needed? 220V AC or DC? 50 Hz, 60 Hz?

Thanks for tour reply, Loads are mostly power saving economic lamps of ~100mA AC, and few are 1000 and 2000W loads. All under 220V 50Hz

100mA (=22W) to 1000/2000W - that's quite a range!

You're in Europe? I'll defer to folks over there for sources on Solid State Relays (SSR) for those voltages.

well, light lamps are in the range of 20-30 W and water heater is ~ 2KW and bathroom heater (while you take a shower) is ~ 500W. Projectors are in the range of 300W-1KW

I am located both in France and Israel

Common SSRs and power relays will handle that nicely.

I think the board at could do the job

You're on the right track. Need to check with them that it can handle 220V.