Assembling my project involving solenoids

You need transistors to drive the relays, and then the relays drive the mains devices.
Have a look at the playground to find examples of how to drive relays.
Stay safe.

Actually, for safety’s sake I would go with a 24 volt system. Relays and transformers for 24 V are readily available and not terribly expensive. 24 V systems are widely used in industry for control systems (motor contactors etc.).

Relays and transformers for 24 V

And rectifiers - don't forget the rectifiers.

Thank you everybody for you time and comments so far.

I've gone and carried on reading and attempting to understand more. Can I just ask if the schematic below is correct?

Cheers everyone,

Mikey C

No it is not. A relay has at least four connections, two for the coil and two (or more) for the contacts. Your drawing shows 240vac wired to one terminal of the relay and also to the diode! You will surely start a fire or electrocute yourself (or both). ;) I would just put out here that your self stated lack of knowledge and experience is probably a good reason not to build anything requiring hardwiring to 240vac voltage source. If you must proceed with this project you really should find a already published schematic to work from.


Thanks lefty,

I really thought I'd figured it out. Back to the drawing board, and books.


Mikey C