Assembly drawing


Is there a good assembly drawing somewhere for the Nano 33 IOT bd?

There is what looks like a metal clip with a piece of wax in it on the sub-board with the Wifi/BLE device. Is it a clamp or connector for an external antenna? The device claims to have a built-in antenna.


Did you ask Google to show you a list of images for the device?


Perhaps this might help Antenna

Yes, there are detailed images of the board in the Arduino store and you can get the datasheet of the module there as well. The data sheet also shows the antenna and gives you the exact dimensions.

I suspect you mean the antenna. 2.4 GHz has a short wave length and therefore requires only small antenna.

Yes, a quarter wave antenna would be about 25-30 mm. But all external wifi/ble antenna connectors I have seen look like an Amphenol A-1JB. So this is an unusual piece of metal to me.

It's not a connector. It's the u-blox NINA-W102 module's integrated antenna itself. The "wax" is a bit of glue added to provide mechanical support to make it more likely that the fairly delicate antenna can survive the rough treatment it will receive from the average Arduino user.

Thanks for the note.

That's cool. If I had been thinking and had my glasses on I would have seen that it was folded. The top legs measure right about 10mm so it is the right length adding the rising section, etc.

Should have kept my mouth shut and looked at the datasheet. Duh me!

But thanks for setting me straight.


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