Assembly from my Matrix 8x8


I look for an assembly allowing me to switch on a matrix 8x8 with a breadboard and an arduino kit MSP430. Can you help me?

Sorry for my english I'm french :confused:

Well, we have to say that a MSP430 is not an Arduino.

I haven't got around to using mine yet - the IDE is nowhere near as friendly as the Arduino.

What you want is one of these from eBay using a MAX7219.

You can use it with your own matrix, just wiring the connections of yours to the appropriate points on the PCB - they may be the same or may be different.

As most people will say here, your English is better than my French.

Okay Thank you !
But I'm just one MSP430 if this is not arduino it's why ?

Are you trying to ask "what is an Arduino?" or "why is msp430 not an Arduino?" or "what is an msp430?".

Arduino is a development environment that can be used with several types of microcontroller including AVR, ARM, ESP8266 and others. But not msp430 as far as i know.

Arduino is also a development hardware platform based on AVR and ARM microcontrollers. Models include UNO, MEGA, DUE and others.

Msp430 is also a microcontroller. It has a development environment of its own called Energia. Some Arduino sketches and libraries could be or may have already been be ported to Energia. But Energia and Arduino development environments are not directly compatible and it may take an expert to take code from one to run on the other.

Thank You !