Asset Tracking using RFID


I'm starting a new project of asset tracking where I need to tag several items and try to identify them using RFID technology.

I need guidance on how to build a system that can read all tags within a small range as a first step and create a file on laptop which list all the items found.

So basically, there is two step in my project :

  • Identify all tags within the range of reading
  • Store all tags ID in a file in laptop (For this part, I already found scripts using Python or Java to get the information from the Arduino)

Regarding the RFID reader, I just have the RC522 module but I don't think that it's suitable for this project regarding it's range of reading.

Thanks a lot for you help !!

Be sure to choose an RFID reader with appropriate range, and that can read multiple tags at once.

Any idea on an affordable material ? I've been checking on the internet, I only found a card from Sparkfun coupled with an antenna that handle this but it's quite expensive Sparkfun RFID Reader)

$200 seems cheap for a sensor with those capabilities.

Any ideas if there's any similar material around 50$ ?