Assistance with a duplex airguage

Good day arduinians!! Today I’m asking for some help with replicating a duplex air guage. I bought this air guage so that I can learn how it works and what should my next move be. However before I do any of that I would like to know how should I go about getting both of these duplexes to work without air but with a stepper motor. What my orignal question should’ve been before I bought this is how do I build this product I’m showing right now without bringing air into the equation.

The reason i got this duplex was to simulate the brakes system in my train simulator but i got stuck with understanding how this particular part of the project works. If anyone has any idea or anything about a duplex stepper motor to simulate and make the guage smaller would be highly appreciated.

Beautiful object. Can you post an image from the backside? IMO there should 2 air connectors. In what units is the scale?

Ops pic.

Can I suggest this device, it is what is used in most automotive dash gauges.
It is a special stepper that can uses very little current and there is an Arduino library to help set it up.

Tom... :slight_smile:

Hey the scale is measured in PSI. I bought bought if off Ebay. It contains the 2 brass tubbings

Heres the back of this device

The solution of TomGeorge is most likely the best drop-n solution you can get. If you have an RC-servo at hand, you can for sure build a simillar thingy, but you'll need a transmisson 1:2 to get the necessary range.

Ok so I get a servo and then what else would be needed? Would I need to get any more gears or would I have to disassemble the duplex and use the pieces from there?

you might use 2 disks with a grove and a rubber band (that’s the easiest way). Or 2 rakwheels. Bigger wheel on servo, smaller wheel on axis.