Assisted GPS library or knowledge

Good evening folks,

The recent weather system in my area, East Tennessee, has got me needing means other than satellite feed. I know that theres more than just NMEA data, theres also GLONASS, and other regional/national based systems. I have also read about what is called assisted GPS, or A-GPS, which uses land based signals that are used in the same manner as regular GPS but is not affected by cloud cover, only line of sight.

Does anyone on here know more about this or have a library that might help with this type of application?

It seems... based on the Wiki info alone, thats all I've read so far, that you must have some form of connection to ISP or a CNP, Internet Service Provider or Cellular Network Provider, respectively, in order to access A-GPS data.

I'm thinking that a socket request to a cell phone, via Bluetooth, would be a good start. But after that I'm not sure what program it would send the socket request to...