Hi Guys, Having some trouble with my Asuro, Ive lost the test program on the supplied chip and now have an Atmega 328 chip with arduino bootloader on it.I dont know how to use the asuro flash program, so im doing a bit with the arduino one.Im trying to use some of the asuro programs ive found online, but i cant seem to get the asuro.h library to work(or if i got it at all) with arduino, and hence im getting compiling errors. Ive been writing small programs with my arduino, then removing the chip and putting it in Asuro, this works well :)........Id also like to know, if its possible to use the USB IR transmitter with arduino to Asuro, so i dont have to keep removing the chips.Do I also need to replace the 8mhz resonator with a 16 or 20 mhz one,so dont have to change the boards.txt file.....Thanks for any replies