Asuro Modified Bootloader for ATMEGA328 Chip

Hi All,

I am relatively new to the world of Arduino and Asuro. Recently i acquired few blank ATMEGA328 Chips.

Since I have a Asuro kit with ATMEGA8 Chip., i was wondering if there is a way to replace them with ATMEGA328 chips and flash the modified ASURO bootloader in to them and use it with Arduino IDE ?

I did look at the docs & libraries on the modified ASURO -

However all the boot loaders are designed for ATMEGA168s. Is there way i can make these work with my 328 chips ?

Lots of bootloaders exist. The UNO uses the 328. Simply load the UNO (328) bootloader and it will work.

I know that the UNO bootloaders are great. However if I use a UNO Boot to my ATMEGA328 and use it in my ASURO. The Robot's IR Transciever wont work for uploading codes.

Yes, the original ASURO bootloader uses a different protocol in its ATMEGA8 Chips.

I was wondering if i could get the ASURO Bootloader for ATMEGA328s. :-/