AsyncTCP_SSL Library for ESP32

The first AsyncTCP_SSL library of the Async_SSL series of libraries for ESP32, ESP8266, STM32, Portenta_H7 etc. has been published. Some more will follow shortly

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This library is based on, modified from:

  1. Hristo Gochkov's AsyncTCP
  2. Maarten Fremouw's AsyncTCP.
  3. Thorsten von Eicken's AsyncTCP

to apply the better and faster asynchronous feature of the powerful AsyncTCP Library with SSL, and will be the base for future and more advanced Async libraries for ESP32, such as AsyncSSLWebServer, AsyncHTTPSRequest, etc.

Why Async is better

  • Using asynchronous network means that you can handle more than one connection at the same time
  • You are called once the request is ready and parsed
  • When you send the response, you are immediately ready to handle other connections while the server is taking care of sending the response in the background
  • Speed is OMG
  • Easy to use API, HTTP Basic and Digest MD5 Authentication (default), ChunkedResponse
  • Easily extensible to handle any type of content
  • Supports Continue 100
  • Async WebSocket plugin offering different locations without extra servers or ports
  • Async EventSource (Server-Sent Events) plugin to send events to the browser
  • URL Rewrite plugin for conditional and permanent url rewrites
  • ServeStatic plugin that supports cache, Last-Modified, default index and more
  • Simple template processing engine to handle templates

Currently supported Boards

  1. ESP32 boards, such as ESP32_DEV, etc.
  2. ESP32S2-based boards, such as ESP32S2_DEV, ESP32_S2 Saola, etc.
  3. ESP32C3-based boards, such as ESP32C3_DEV, etc.


Releases v1.1.0

  1. Fix duplication bug when using src_h
  2. Enable coexistence with AsyncTCP

Initial Releases v1.0.0

  1. Initial coding to support ESP32