Earlier this summer I created a weather station with my MKR1400 (#1) and had a world of issues and ran into most of them post on the github issue tracker. Finally got all those fixed and its been working good ever since.

I decided to buy another MKR1400 (#2) to create another weather station about a week ago. And what do you know, more issues.

The Problem
The main issue that I am having now is with the +CCLK command not reporting back the correct time and date. I can set it manually for the correct time, but it doesn't ever sync itself when I connect to the network. And on power cycle, it loses all memory.
Usually it responds back "+CCLK: 04/01/01,00:02:02+00".

The Kicker
Here's the part that is getting me, its 100% the same code that is on my other MKR1400. I took apart my other weather station, had both MKR1400s next to each other and reprogrammed both at the same time.
MK1400 #1 works perfectly. MKR1400 #2 does not work. I used the same battery and same antenna as on my MKR #1 with my MKR #2 and no change. No matter what I try, I can not get the MKR #2 to work as expected.

Am I missing something?

I'm using the MKR1400 library and the getLocalTime(). I always do a gprsConnect before I get the time and it always connects just fine.
I get the same results no matter if I do a HTTP GET or HTTP POST before I do a getLocalTime(). The MKR #2 can still send data to my server just fine. It just doesn't ever sync its clock with the network.

Do you use the same network provider in both cases? Does the provider supports a time signal?

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