AT Command

At command in ESP8266 Does Work in serial Communication window . every thing is ok... But .. when i try to use this module in IDE it never connect to Any access point... module does not work,,, even wifi.begin() desnt work for me.. please help

Couple of things to try Oh and BTW this is not really an ESP forum as such.

Make sure you have line feed and new line set correctly in the serial monitor. Double check the baud rates are correct for the ESP as they have been seen to use a few different speeds.

Hello. Thank for spending your precious time for reading this Question.
In Serial monitor (Ctrl+Shift+M) in Bare minimum example, With AT command i and communicate with my ESP8266. (Wireless module) .
But in coding Area in arduino i cant get same result…
example… in Bare minimum with AT+GMR i can see consequence…whereas
in coding environment in Arduino… i can print this combination (AT+GMR),but this only appear on monitor serial… doesn’t act.
here is my simple code :

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include “ESP8266.h”
ESP8266 wifi(Serial);
#define SSID “Server”
#define PASSWORD “bhdk2777”

void setup(void)
Serial.print(“setup begin\r\n”);

Serial.print("FW Version: ");

if (wifi.setOprToStation()) {
Serial.print(“to station ok\r\n”);
} else {
Serial.print(“to station err\r\n”);

if (wifi.joinAP(SSID, PASSWORD)) {
Serial.print(“Join AP success\r\n”);
Serial.print("IP: ");
} else {
Serial.print(“Join AP failure\r\n”);

Serial.print(“setup end\r\n”);

void loop(void)

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