AT Commands for BenQ M32


Can anybody post the link for the AT command set of BenQ M32 GPRS modem ?


Or in any case are the commands used as per the GSM standard or is there any difference ?

Why did you buy this particular modem without getting these answers first?

the said modem has been used in a number of projects. Moreover, I had a AT command list for M32 ( A PDF document ) but i cannot find it now. I had one link as well but that doesnt seem to work now.

I have tried out the basic AT commands and they seem to work fine.

Still waiting for help :frowning:

Still waiting for help :frowning:

Has your google broken?

I have found the manual for M23 M22 but I can find my through to M32 AT command set. My google is well and running :slight_smile:

At the beginning of 2004, the AT Command User Manuals for the M32, M32A, M22 and M23 were merged into one.

thanks ! :slight_smile: