AT commands in arduino serial monitor (sim808)

Hi my Friends

i have a module with sim808 GSM/GPS

i can send some AT commands through Arduino serial monitor

My problem is that i dont know how to send an sms

The problem is that in order to send the sms you have to write the text and then press but this is something that the serial monitor cant see as an action

the AT commands in order to send an sms are these :

OK (the response from the device)

This is the text message. ( send the message using the - key combination)

what i am missing?

thanks in advance

rather than the serial monitor use Teraterm or a similar terminal emulator which can send control characters


As i am using a Linux i have to find a program like that

i think '' minicom '' will work so i have to try with that

if you do a web search for linux terminal emulator you will see plenty of choice