AT commands not working for configuring HC-05 bluetooth module?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to configure an hc-05 bluetooth module. I feel like I have tried literally everything. I am trying to pair two hc-05 modules together, one in slave and the other in master mode. AT commands just don't up in the serial monitor. I have tried it with two different Arduinos, using software serial, reversing the tx/rx connections, every possible BAUD rate there is on the serial monitor. Holding and not holding down button when powering module, powering pin 34 on the module, as shown here here, I even bought two new hc-05 modules, yet it still doesn't work.

I have the wiring set up like this:
HC-05 BT module -> Arduino UNO
RX -> RX
TX -> TX
VCC -> 3.3V
EN -> 3.3V

According to tutorials, I should: Remove power from the module. Hold little button on the module while plugging power back in. (The light on the module blinks on for 2 seconds, and then off for two seconds.) Remove the RX and TX connections. Upload an empty script to the Arduino. Plug the RX and TX cables back in. Then on the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE, set it to "Both NL & CR" and "38400 Baud". Then when typing "AT" the response "OK" should be given.

I would like to add that the modules I bought look like the module below on the picture in thread. Although I don't really know what exactly is being discussed here, all the tutorials and forum posts I have seen online do use the module in the top part of the image. Which is part of the reason I ordered two more modules from another store, which had the "correct" module as a thumbnail image, but I unfortunately got two "bad" ones. But still, I have no idea if that has got anything to do with it.

I have tried using the modules as slave devices paired with my computer, which all worked perfectly.

I would really appreciate if someone can help, as I'm literally about to give up on this project.

Edit: I would like to add that the first set of hc05 modules i bought don't have a name on the back, but the second set, which behaves the exact same have the module number zs-040 on the back.

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Vcc should be powered from 5V.

Thanks for replying. I have already tried that. I tried powering VCC from 5.5V and EN to 3.3V, also both on 5V, also only powering VCC and not EN, and just holding the button. Unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem.

There was another thread recently where the module could enter AT mode (the 2 second on/ 2 seconds off) flash pattern but would never respond with an OK.

Note, that the thread uses the software serial and crossed Rx>Tx and Tx>Rx approach instead of your blank sketch and direct connections. Both methods should work, but you may want to try the other way

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