The “AT+QNITZ=1” does not work.

I want to synchronize the time with the Network time.

I have to do anything special?
Is another way to do that?

What do you mean 'does not work'?

Do you get an error message when sending the command?

Does your GSM Network support this function?

Yes, network supports.

I receive a positive feedback from the serial port.

The code:


What i receive:




+CFUN: 1



+CCLK: “04/01/01,00:00:58+00”


And that is not the correct time.

Thank you.

Does your GSM Network provider support this feature?

Yes it does. I work on my GSM Network provider.

And i already try a different network card and it does not work also.

P.s. Just to confirm, to check if the network provider support this, on my handset I allow the option "get time from the network"and that works fine.

With this:

modemAccess.writeModemCommand("AT+QIFGCNT=0",1000); delay(1000); Serial.println(modemAccess.writeModemCommand("AT+QICSGP=1, 'internet-iza'",1000)); delay(1000); modemAccess.writeModemCommand("AT+QGSMLOC=2",1000); delay(1000); Serial.println(modemAccess.writeModemCommand("AT+CCLK?",1000));

it is working, but not at my local time, is 2 hours less. Can help me why?

How i use this the comand: . AT +QLOCC?

It's possible time was in UTC

davidgoth: It's possible time was in UTC

Yes, that is correct, the time is in UTC, how can i change it to NL time? Set timezone on arduino? how can i do that?

You could make an adapter to a similar library like this: (This library access to a time server to update time).

is that complicated to add only 2hours to the clock? $)

May be. Arduino hasn't time management. You have to do it manually.

And the only way is like you told me before?

I can not add 2 to the code somewhere? at any command.

because the time is presented “…+00” and I want “…+02”

Just add "+2" to your code....

Look at the Arduino Playground to see how to add strings together.