At2313 VS At2313 A pu chips.

Hello all: I still use IDE V 1.0.3 and have no real problems. That said I don't wish to cloud the waters but... I have a question. I got my hands on a lot of the Atiny 2313 A pu chips. The data sheets are very different as to the # of PCIE Interrupts and such.2313= 8. 2313 A =16 and so on. My question is. Does anyone know of a core that will allow access to the full set of features of the 2313 A pu chip? And yes I can upload to the 2313 A with Tiny core but not get the full access to all the PCIE Pins. Do I need to add something to the board.text files, change something in AVR.. I don't know. Any help. Thanks guys, Rondog.

Take a look at, see if something exists already.

Thanks cross roads, but no nothing new there,written 2010 I am pretty sure the 2313 A is much newer.

In order to add a new CPU, the proper way to do it is to duplicate the "arduino" folder in the "hardware" folder and create you own boards.txt, then make the necssary changes to support your particular board

thats from the link and that is what I thought I would need to . I just don't know how at this point. Anyway Thanks. Rondog. :(

The 2313A is the same as a 4313 except for memory sizes. We have found the AVRGCC toolchain has buggy header files for the 2313A/4313. They will need to be corrected to make use of effectively.

The Arduino IDE's are using an older toolchain that doesn't support these newer 2313A/4313 chips. You will need to update the toolchain with WINAVR2010 or from Atmel Studio 6.1. But even then they still have the buggy header files for the 2313A/4313.