AT32UC3C with Arduino IDE

Hello everyone!

I'm really in love with Arduino and everything surrounding it; The community, the IDE, the liberary's etc etc. However, being limited to a 8 bit chip is a real pain. For a lot of projects I (Want to) do, I really need a 32 bit cpu. The pain is, every project I'm involved in, uses 5 volt.. and it is no way possible to make it possible to use a 3.3 volt cpu without a lot of components and cost. Luckly for me, there is a line of Atmel CPU's that are 32 bit, 5 volt. The AT32 C series, for industrial applications. They have analog in, out, digital in, out, usb interface etc. They are the perfect fit for my projects!

The problem is, is that as far as I know theres no support for the arduino bootloader or IDE. I really want to use the fimiliar arduino IDE with it's rich community and tons of libs to program the microcontrollers instead of AVR studio 6.. And, the arduino header file included in the IDE itself, is really usefull and I will miss it for sure..

The arduino DUE uses a 32 bit cpu, but it's only 3.3 volt.. Not sure why they chose that one, but it proves that the arduino IDE is capable of programming 32 bit cpu's? I really want to know if it's possible to program the AT32UC3C with the arduino IDE and how..

I hope you can help me ferther with this problem. Suggestions and answers are both welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Seams like a dead thread, but this question also teasing my imagination. does anyone know if this is possible?

It’s possible.
Just need someone to come up with the “core files” the way that mcudude did with the 1284P and other chips here

Or you can look at the Teensy processors.

Hello CrossRoads,

Sure, I have asked the wrong question :smiley: Of course it is possible, but i am curious if anyone have made the core for this mcu already.

Not that I am aware of.

Maybe you can get somewhere in here

I see the AT32UC32 called out a few times

#define EVK1100 1 //!<AT32UC3A EVK1100 board.