[AT90USB162]Windows driver: how to install?

Hello, I want to use the AT90USB162 for a special project. I want to program it through USB since I don't use this normally and for ISP I don't have an appropriate programmer.

I don't have an experimental board since the project needs small device so I only use an adaptor pcb for the TQFP case and that's it. The usb hardware to connect (via breadboard for the beginning) was no real problem but the answer from windows allways is 'unknown device'. If I want to update the driver it allways says that the driver for 'unknown device' is allready up-to-date and stops. In descriptions on how to install in the internet allways the flip program is mentioned. I inbstalled it and then look for the driver installation package which has to be included internet allways claims. But there is no. Only two HTMLs on how to update (not install) drivers for windows2000 and windowsXP and a lot of cats, infs sys's and so on. If I tried to install this inf through 'install' in the windows explorer it tells me that this inf is not able to do so. And through the device manager it stops since it is satisfied with the up-to-date driver for 'unknown device'. If I try to install it through the direct install dialog in device manager it goes this way too. So: how can I install the driver for this devices? Normal arduino drivers do not work since these allways simulates a serial connection. Here it as direct line without serial.

Do anyone knows anything?


It is Windows 7Pro/32

Hello, some add's: I just have tried again to install drivers included to the flip package. Since the was no installation program I installed it through the device manager. With the hade-made-installation I allready came to the correct installation process. The device I want to usewas in the list ... everything fine so far. But short to the end of the installation it gave an error message one section of the '*.inf'-file was not valid. I don't know the details since this were not presented. It was the ...cdc driver as far as I can see the only one able to give a driver for AT90USB162 chips.

Now I'm out of ideas. Any kind of automatic does not work since windows fell in love with the unknown device driver and wants to stay with it. And hand made don't work since there is an error inside the inf-file needed. And all hand-made is not really possible since I don't know all the files needed. These are in the cat-file belonging to the driver but not all there in are needed. I don't know the details how the installation process separates the one needed and the one possibly desturbing. And I don't know how to make windows using the driver if I copied them to the correct locations. The inf-file is part of this and so ....



I don't think that chip has any "native" USB capability; only what's been programmed into it as a bootloader or application. That the chip appears to your windows system at all probably means that Atmel has put their bootloader (flip, like you said?)

Um... Does this help: https://www.avrfreaks.net/forum/installing-flip-windows10