AT93C66 3wire EEPROM help requested

Has anyone ever used the 93C66 or any of the other 93C series of EEPROMs with the MEGA series ARDUINO systems? Is it possible to interface these memory chips to the SPI port? I am kinda unclear on this SPI, 2wire, 3wire stuff.. any help, documentation, schematics, projects etc. that have done this would be helpful



Do you have a link to the datasheet?

-- update --
-Atmel doc0172 datasheet pdf

you can have I2C (the one with SCL and SDA)

otherwise I think you should use SPI. The four pins { CS, SK, DI, DO } look like the 4 SPI pins { SS, SCK, MOSI, MISO }

Please read - Arduino Playground - HomePage - for details.

Thanks that helps a lot.. now I know what kind of device to search for