ATA/IDE Shield

Using an Illuminato
After doing some research, I think I have a design that will work leaving some pins to play with so you will be able to plug a normal Arduino shield on top of this.

Based on the Illuminato gerber files I was able to trace out the dimensions of the board

I'm tempted to order a Mega and design a shield for that :slight_smile:

Any comments? suggestions? Errors i made?

Dumb question, but, what do you intend to do with it?

There are so many things I have planned for this interface :slight_smile:
Data logging.
GPS tracking.
Simple S.M.A.R.T. hard drive tester & fail prediction.
Simple Drive wiper.
Playing around with designing my own file system.
Reading data from a cd.
Burn art into cds with a cd burner (might be tough to to and require alot of modding)
mess around with Zip drives.

What I really want to do eventually is to design and make my own computer from scratch, but first I have to learn how to interface to each part of a system. The IDE interface seemed like a simple staring point.

I'll stick to led blinking :slight_smile:


Do you have any more progress on the ATA/IDE integration? I am interested in hooking a CD drive up to an Arduino so I can play music through it, and rip the music to mp3 possibly.