Atari SIO Using Arduino

Hello All,

There was a thread posted in 2010 in this sub-forum about using an Arduino for Atari 8 bit computer communication. I found this thread when I started researching for a project. Basically, it was suggested that the FTDI chip be wired into, to hook up to the Atari.

I wanted to actually use the Arduino. I purchased one and began to program. Although it did not take too long to get it operational, it took me forever to post the information. That thread is too old to reply to now. I thought in case anyone ever did a search, they could see another way to do it, actually using the Arduino itself. I finally put up a site with the information.

I thought this way was way more fun. :)



Does this HEXfile overwrite the Arduino bootcode, or can I still use my arduino to upload other stuff to it?? Also, does this thing run an AUTORUN.ATR file if it was on the MSD card?

I want to build something simple, no buttons, no LCD, just MicroSD interface with a microsd card that contains autorun.ATR

It will not overwrite the boot code. It is safe. The command line on my site acts as if you are pushing an application from the IDE.

Sorry for the late response. I did not get updates from the thread. I hope you were able to get it working. Feel free to contact me via my website if you have any questions about it.

first of all hi. I am following this project because I want to build for my atari. I want to use arduino as first step. I must write the file SIO2MicroSD v1.1-hex inside arduino? how do I do to copy the file? thanks. excuse me but me I use a translator on line thanks


I must write the file SIO2MicroSD v1.1-hex inside arduino?

Is that a statement or a question? Make up your mind.


you excuse me I use translator on line