ATECC508A authentification IC

Hi all,

I'm building a custom Arduino MKRZero board. I'm sourcing the components from Digikey. I'm stuck on the ATECC508A authentification IC.

The problem is that the Arduino schematic mentions "ATECC508A-MAHDA" for the IC. Datasheet of the component says it communicates through I2C. There is no more stock for this IC on Digikey but the ATECC508A-SSHAW, ATECC508A-SSHCZ and ATECC508A-MAHCZ are available.

Datasheet (P26) of the component says "SSH" and "MAH" stand for the package options, "CZ" and "DA" stand for the I/O types : "CZ" = Single Wire Interface ; "DA" = I2C. But nothing in the datasheet about "AW" (ATECC508A-SSHAW). I need a I2C IC but I don't know if this one (ATECC508A-SSHAW) is I2C or Single Wire.

The ATECC608B-SSHDA-B are the replacements for the older 508 but those are out of stock too in Digikey. Mouser has thousands in stock though

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Ok thanks I will go for it.

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