ATGM336H GPS Module

Hi, does anyone know if this GPS has a high altitude mode? I’m designing a PCB for a HAB project and this is one of the modules on my manufacturers ( inventory of parts I can use for assembly. Any other comments on using it would be useful eg reliability, TTFF etc.

Thanks, Steve.

Most HAB trackers would use the Ublox MAX M8Q, that is known to work at altitude.

Even if the ATGM336H has a high altitude mode listed in its data sheet, it might not work, such is the joy of 'far east' products.

Check the device footprint, it might be compatible with the Ublox MAX M8Q.

I used a 'far east' GPS in a secondary tracker for this HAB flight, and it did stop working at altitude;

But the main tracker, using a Ublox, was fine.

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