Atmaga 328p microcontroller ic burn with arduino

i buy atmega 328p microcontroller.
i wanna burn it with arduino uno. when i put atamaga 328p microcontroller on arduino uno board. i not work. kindly tell me ho to burn it with arduino board?

Do you mean that you are attempting to burn a bootloader to an ATmega328p chip using an Arduino board? If yes, you need an already functioning Arduino with a chip that has a bootloader on it. Generally it is easier if you have two Arduinos, one with a bootloader and one without. You can follow the instructions on this tutorial:
If you mean to say that you have a blank ATmega328p and no functional one to program it with, then you will need to buy an ISP, or another functioning Arduino. After doing that, just Google a tutorial on how to use it.

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