Atmeg328P Not Working on Breadboard Except on Uno

Hello guys,
Please I need help on finding what could be responsible why my Atmeg329P is not working on breadboard except on Uno board.

I had a project code for the uno to switch on relay through esp8267-01 via internet. On the uno terminals all work fine, but when I remove the atmeg328p and connect on a breadboard with XTL 16MHz (pin9,10), pin 7,20= +5v, pin 8 and 23 GND, pin 1 ton6v via a 10k resistor.

All eep8266-01 connections are ok. Yet the atmeg 328p won't work. But when I program "a Blink project" and connect on breadboard, the led on pin 13 (19 on atmeg328p) flips on/off every second.

Please what am I getting wrong.

100nf bypass capacitors? 22pf crystal loading caps?

It could be any number of things wrong. A good photograph of your breadboard with all connections clearly shown would be a good starting place.

Check your circuit and be sure it is well decoupled and you have adequate grounding. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!