Atmega 1284 Label

I usually place one of these labels on my stand-alone chips as my memory is crap.
I thought others might want to do the same.

This pin out is for Crossroad's Bobiuno definition.

  1. Print the attached PDF on a sheet of 8 1/2" X 11" label in your printer
  2. I use: AVERY 5165/8165
  3. Laminate your full page.
  4. Cut out a label as needed then remove the carrier sheet from the back
  5. Apply to your 1284 controller
  • You can use double sided tape instead of the AVERY label.

Merry Christmas

EDIT: You can use Scotch tape to laminate your sticker.

Atmega 1284 Label.pdf (174 KB)

You can capitalize the M if you wish, or not. Nobody will laugh. :slight_smile:


Nice. Thanks.

No eye-catcher for the PWM pins?

New version put into original post, thanks.