atmega 1289 Digitron 128X64, now what?

I have them wired correctly. The pot makes it change like its supposed to. I downloaded GLCD library but none of them work. Not even "hello world" does anyone have a sketch I can copy and paste that will show this display what it can do so I can see it work.

I am going to assume you mean atmega1280

a normal arduino and a mega has different functions on different pins, did you account for that?

Does your display have a KS0108 controller?


I don't know how I would know. Is that a driver?

Usually it is mentioned in the data sheet. It can be also derived from the names of the pins. CS1 and CS2 pins --> KS0108


It is wired for a 1280, 1289 was a typo, this page I found actually lists my display and I think it might be ks0108.

Here's the page.

Ok, then you have at least selected the correct library :-)