Atmega 168, 168P, 168PA...?

I am right about to buy a new stock of atmega168 controllers and I wonder if anyone of you has info about different versions, what do they mean, would it work?
I know 168 is the "standard" arduino chip, 168V is "lilypad", the "P" shoud stand for "picopower", I am puzzled with the "A"? Has anyone tryed this series and can confirm it works?
My dilemma is regarding availability, Farnell has only some 168V's left, but a lot if 168PA :slight_smile:


I figured this two... I wonder about PA, what does A mean, can't find anything useful in datasheets :-/


From looking at their parametric search page between the 168P and 168PA, it appears there is no real difference. I remember someone saying a suffix might mean a new cheaper way of manufacturing, but I'm not sure if it was "A" or not.

You can always just contact Atmel and have them answer officially. Be sure to post the response here, though!

From what I can find, the only difference is that the ATmega644PA has the UFBGA 32 (6x6) package and the ATmega644P does not. So I assume that there will be no functional difference between the two. You will probably need to burn a different bootloader though.

The A stands for a smaller core die made using a more advanced technology with smaller individual transistors, so the PA should replace the P and non P versions.