ATmega 168 vs. 168P


I am starting a project that would preferably consist of SMD components, so I am looking at buying some SMD atmega's, like ones on lilypad.

The first problem is, where to get atmega 328v or 168v (or 328, 168) in SMD package?

Then, I found atmega168P in stock at Farnell, but I wonder, what does P mean, will arduino's bootloader still work? I can't find any relevant data in datasheets...

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I think the P stands for Picopower, essentially a sleep function in the ATmega chips. If this is the case, the bootloader should still work fine.

I can confirm, that the bootloader works fine in the Pico chips as I accidently bought some instead of the standard 168 once.

You use 168P of 328P?

Have you measured it's power consumption? :slight_smile:


Pico power only applies when the chip is sleeping, not when it's running normally.

Nevertheless... you can measure it's current...

Oh, I thought you were under the impression that Pico power affected the chip under normal conditions.

Sorry, I haven't measured the current, nor do I even know if the Arduino software can put the chip into sleep mode..

Some fine reading then for you, if you're interested :slight_smile: