ATMega 2560 schematic

I know that there is a .pdf schematic for the ATMega2560 R3 and in Adobe reader it can be resized so that it is readable but can anyone suggest (or can Arduino provide) a readable AND printable form of the schematic. It will probably have to be split over several sheets of paper but this is acceptable.

My alternative is to expand to, say, 250% in Adobe reader then reposition the schematic several times and take multiple screen shots (I use MWSnap 3), print each screen shot and employ the creative use of scissors and sticky tape to get a large but readable hardcopy of the schematic.

Other ideas anyone?

It looks like if you print it from within EAGLE you have control over scaling (I didn’t think that the freeware version DID that, since it only allows one “sheet” of schematic. But apparently it’s happy to scale/break a single “sheet” into multiple printed pages.)

I would expect that there are other PDF readers with better printing capabilities as well, but I’m not immediately familiar with any.

Thanks - looks like it may be worth a try. What version of Eagle are you referring to? I have downloaded v 6.0 (free) and sent my request to CadSoft for a free “Hobbyist” but have not had a reply from them yet (10 days and waiting).

The idea of using other .pdf readers is also worth looking into. I have at least two others sitting somewhere in my mound of apps. And there must be at least a dozen or so available for download

I will keep this thread posted on what I find. If anyone else had tackled this, please post.


I thought for the "freeware" version you just had to click "run as freeware." There is also a "hobbyist" version that is cheap ($150?) and has different limitations, and a "Freemium" version that is a limited-time trial of the full version, but those usually aren't what you want. (confirmed by reinstalling 6.1 on my PC VM.)