Atmega 2560 with PC-Interface FT232RL ?

Hi everybody,

my name is Emil. I am new guy in Arduino Community.

I work on my Bachelor thesis. It is about IP3-measurement. At the beginning I used Atmega328 with PC-Interface FT232RL (=Arduino Nano) in my schematics. I decided to take Atmega 2560 instead of Atmega 328 because it has more digital I/O-Pins. I see on Arduino-Mega-Schematics Atmega 16 as PC-Interface.

My question: Can I use FT232RL as a PC-Interface for Atmega 2560?

Best regards from Ulm, Germany
Emil Dervisevic

Yes, of course, you can use FT232RL. Older Arduino boards has FT232RL instead of ATmega16U2. Its advantage is that it is ready to use chip. You need not upload the firmware as for 16U2.

Hi Budvar10,

thank you very much for your quick reply.
You helped me a lot.

I feel great in this great Arduino-Community.

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Welcome! :slight_smile: