Atmega 320P-AU dev board

Hey, I'm making an Atmega 320P-AU based board, I'm going to send it to jlc PCB or PCB way, the DRC is ok


  • RF <- 1 x LoRa Ra01 (Powered with a dedicated regulator due to 700mah max)

  • Ultrasonic 2 x Hc-rs04

  • Light sensor <- 4 x Cny-70

  • Acelerometer <- 1 x MPU6050

  • Screen <- 1 x i2c Oled 1.3

  • Motor <- 1 x L298

  • Servo <- 3 x Servo pinouts (Powered with a dedicated regulator)

  • I used D0 and D1 with jumpers

  • No USB-UART, only FTDI programmable

  • Crystal guard ring(16.000mhz, necessary?)

Front view

Bottom View

What do you think? its my first SMD board. All comments are allowed. Thanks, forum!! :slight_smile: