atmega 328 chip max amp

Hi all

Question. I build a pcb with an atmega 328 chip. Programmed on an arduino uno and use a 5v 2A power source for testing purposes.
My full project is powered by 2 power supplys. Both deliver 5.15V at 20A (total 40 amps)
The voltage seems oke but is it still safe to hook up De atmega to a 20A power supply

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Robbert loos

Do you worry about plugging your TV into a mains system powered by a mega ampere power grid?

Connect 5V to 5V on the power header. Connect a diode (1N4001) from 5V (anode) to Vin (cathode) to prevent damaging the 5V regulator.

In short, yes, devices draw as much current as they need, they "pull" it. Voltage is "pushed" in that they must be able to run with the voltage supplied.

Your high current PSU's supply slightly higher voltage than is ideal so fitting a diode will drop that excess as well as offer some additional protection. You may also find when you put some load on those high current PSU's that they come down to closer to 5v anyway