ATmega 328 on smaller Arduino boards?

Anyone know if the 328 is available as a surface mount and if so if newly manufactured smaller Arduino boards (eg mini, nano) will be fitted with the 328?


Seeedstudio has plans on a surface mount 328 on regular size board.

Try making your own; that's always fun! :)


I've been trying to get 328s in the TQFP package myself, but no luck :-(

Still only 168s.

If your going SMD why not go for a 644p? Or 1281 (I think that's the part#).

Because the 328 is a standard arduino processor, no library hacking required for software compatibility?

the arduino mega is a 1280. That 100 pin package is a bit tougher to solder than a 32 or 44 pin TQFP.


it would be cool

ATMEGA328P-AU chips are available, slowly. I have a few dozen now ( ) but that's after two or three month back-order, and even then my whole order wasn't fulfilled.

I bought a couple of 328 from sparkfun to drop on my Duemilanove. What would proper fuse setting be using


The hfuse and efuse are slightly different between the 168 and 328.

From the make file:

atmega328_isp: HFUSE = DA
atmega328_isp: LFUSE = FF
atmega328_isp: EFUSE = 05

Yes and from boards.txt Duemilanove w/ ATmega328

But this does not seem to work for me. I wonder what I am doing wrong? I can install bootloaders and set fuses on the 168 and all is fine.
Files upload and execute.

I install a bootloader on the 328. I power up the 328 it flashes the led, single flashes. When I try to upload a sketch the tx and rx flash for a moment and then back to the single flash pattern on led. Verbose upload says the familar not in sync.

hmm should I move my questions to ?

Make sure you change the IDE settings for the 328 -- the bootloader runs the serial port at a faster speed than the 168, so if you don't change the settings, the serial communications to upload your sketch won't work.

Yes I noted the speed as 57600 . I wonder if this speed does not work due to the ‘noisey’ enviroment.

Where would you suggest I post to try and find if anyone has a 328 running on a duemilaove?


Where would you suggest I post to try and find if anyone has a 328 running on a duemilaove?

Umm. Its actually standard now.

Where would you suggest I post to try and find if anyone has a 328 running on a duemilaove?

Umm. Its actually standard now.

Thanks for the info. I ordered mine last Dec but things change.

In any case my problem turned out to be a bad 328 chip. I tried a differnt one and all works just fine.

Very strange that I could perform HVparellel programming of all features but it would not operate from the UART. Even when I do a full clone of the working chip, and verify it, the bad chip still fails to operate properly.

Sparkfun introduced a 328 Arduino Pro Mini today:

Good stuff, maybe the manufacturer(s) of other smaller Arduino borads will follow suit.

Thanks for the link.


I too have been unable to find 328TQFP's in stock anywhere.

You can backorder small quantities of the 328 TQFP @ Mouser. They are listed as "on order" with expected delivery dates of 7/3 and 7/7.

FYI - Mouser is shipping backorders on these now (even though they still don't show current stock).

I placed an order about a month ago and it shipped today.