Atmega 328 p ---- i need help to answer this question

It is required to connect 8LEDs to port D of the AVR328 microcontroller, and a switch S on the line INT0. Whenever the switch S on the line INT0 is pressed, we want the 8 LEDs to blink ON and OFF three times only and stop. Write program that will do this? Draw a sketch for the circuit writing the name of each pin used.

I do not see a question. I see a statement that has a question mark after it. Are you asking somebody to write the program and draw the circuit schematic for you, that will accomplish your assignment?

Why are ‘you’ doing this?

“we want the 8 LEDs to blink . . .” Who is “we”

“a switch S on the line INT0” Why?

1) we won't do your homework for you. 2) I will give you a hint: INT0 of an ATmega328 is on PD2, so you need to figure out a way to use that pin as both an input and an output, if it needs both an LED and a switch.

I smell a homework assignment- there's no real need to use an interrupt in this setup.

And don't plan on using Serial to for program output or debug. Hardware serial RX and TX are on port D.

Hope your teacher read this