ATmega 328 Resets continously [SOLVED]

As per a schematic for a standalone ATmega328p, there is a 10k resistor connected to pin 1. it is said to prevent accidental reset on the micro controller.

Does anyone know why it resets continuously, but adding push button works. Is a 10k resistor necessary here ?

Could add the schematic or the link to it?

its a basic schematic or here where pin1 of the atmega connects to the GND through a 10k resistor and it resets.

it is a pullup resistor, thus connected to +5V and not to GND (it would be a pulldown :wink: )

they describe this in your first link :

Start by connecting a 10k ohm pullup resistor to +5V from the RESET pin in order to prevent the chip from resetting itself during normal operation. The RESET pin reboots the chip when pulled down to ground. In later steps we will show you how to add a reset switch that takes advantage of this.

Oh right ! silly me.


Oh right ! silly me.

It might be a good idea to edit your first post, and add [SOLVED] to the thread title. That will avoid people wasting time opening the thread to see if they can help. :slight_smile: