Atmega 328 shuts off when circuit made

I have a Duemilanove Atmega 328 arduino that was working great. Then I plugged an extendershield and now when I make a complete circuit the arduino shuts off. Could I have destroyed something when I plugged in the ExtenderShield? Any idea what could be wrong?

link to extendershield:

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when I make a complete circuit the arduino shuts off

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this - could you expand on it, please?

when I make a complete circuit the

Also that need explaining.

The shutting off is probably a short on the power supply you are making in error, so we need details to help you find out what you are doing wrong.

I have a PING sensor plugged into my breadboard that has a pin for signal, 5v and ground. When I wire the 5v and the signal to the ports into the arduino, everything is fine. But when I plug the ground wire into the ground port of the arduino, the arduino shuts off.

Personally, I always connects the grounds first.

However, sounds like you may have a faulty sensor. Or a wiring fault on your breadboard.

I’ve tried multiple breadboards and I have found that it does this without the PING sensor. This didn’t happen until I used the extender sheild - now it happens with or without the sheild.

I was wiring it just now and I got a notice on my computer that the “USB device was drawing too much power and will be disabled.” I am using OSX…

I wonder if plugging in the extendershield messed up my arduino’s electrical connections…


That does not sound good. My best guess is the AVR is fried, but it's tough to confirm without being able to poke and prod the actual hardware. If you can do it easily enough, try replacing the AVR.

My money is on you misidentifying signals from the shield. If it still only shuts down when you connect your sensor up and not until this then the AVR is OK. Will a blink sketch work with just the board? If so then the AVR chip is fine.

whats the avr? :-/

The processor chip, ATMEGA

I can upload code to the chip no problem. And when I go to the serial monitor I can see zeros coming back from the arduino.

I removed the sensor altogether. So it is out of the equation.

The problem only occurs when I wire to digital pin 7 and to the ground, everything is fine. But as soon as I wire to the power the arduino shuts down. When I plug it into the 3V, the TX/RX lights come on permenantly - or until I remove the wire from the power. And when I plug into the 5V, the OS (OSX Leopard) comes on and says the device is drawing too much current.

I wonder if when I plugged in the extender board, if the teeth messed up the power pins…

But as soon as I wire to the power the the arduino shuts down

Sorry but wire the power to what? I will assume it is your shield extender, is there any other circuitry on this?

It looks like that last step is actually wiring the power to a ground, check that you are wiring to what you think you are.

Have you miss interpreted the power lines on the shield?